April 5, 2017

Virginia MacKoul, Director of Marketing of Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group, wanted to have more time for content creation and lead generation. But she was stuck spending her time creating brochures, websites and other promotional materials rather than focusing on proactive commercial real estate marketing activities.

Every time a broker acquired a new listing, she’d:

  • Meet with the broker
  • Draft a brochure and other materials from scratch
  • Go through revisions with the broker
  • Preset the materials to the client
  • Revise the brochure based on client feedback
  • Build a website

This process took up at least 40 hours of her week, every week.

She decided that in order for marketing to maximize its impact on the brokerage’s bottom line, she needed to streamline this process with a commercial real estate marketing tool so she could free up her time for more important work. However, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to find a solution that would maintain the high-quality, customized appearance of the materials she created herself. Luckily, Buildout exceeded her expectations.

Read on to discover how MacKoul was able to solve her challenges and transform her commercial real estate marketing processes from reactive to proactive.

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