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Buildout’s owner’s reports provide transparency and clarity

November 8, 2017

The owner’s report is one of Buildout’s most under-utilized—but most appreciated—automated documents. Brokerage teams use the report to instantly generate complete, brand-aligned marketing updates for property owners and prove a positive return on their clients’ investments.

Owner’s reports give brokers an easy way to compile all information about promotional efforts to date for a specific property. This allows them to accurately and effectively communicate those efforts to their clients and provide evidence to back up ongoing recommendations. Buildout customer Matt Drews of Michael Saunders & Company has noted that owner’s reports are his favorite thing about Buildout.

“The ability to easily create an owner’s report and provide that information to the client is probably one of the most valuable tools that Buildout has given us,” he said. “We have the opportunity to document, in real time, everything we’re doing on a client’s behalf and easily show them a report.”

And these reports can do much more than simply document what has happened in the past. They can also help inform decisions for the future. For example, if 300 people have looked at a property but there has yet to be an offer, the owner’s report shows this, providing evidence that the property listing price should be lowered to encourage offers.

What you’ll find in a Buildout owner’s report

Current and past prospects
Include a list of all parties that are interested in a property and important details about each one to show to your client. Details can include information about your relationship with the prospect, notes on the communication you have had about the property to date, information on how close potential buyers are to making an offer and more.

Current and Past Prospects

A complete list of marketing efforts to date
This section provides a quick snapshot of all promotional efforts and includes information on the distribution dates and frequency of each promotion. It can also include a list of any upcoming efforts your marketing team has planned.

Marketing Efforts

Marketing material details
Following the snapshot of marketing efforts, each of your brokerage’s specific tactics will have its own section in the owner’s report that includes renderings of each marketing piece and metrics on its performance. Like all Buildout materials, you can manually input any further information about marketing efforts, but details are automatically included in the report.

  • All emails sent
    This area lists each email, when it was sent, who received it, how many people read it and its percentage open rate. It also includes screenshots of each email as well as combined average read and open rates.
Monthly Email Report
  • All brochures and flyers created
    This area includes images of all property collateral and packages your marketing team has created to date.
  • Property website created
    This page shows a mockup of the property website and give a description of all information available on the site.
Sample Prop Website
  • Any other marketing collateral
    In addition to the efforts listed above, any other marketing collateral for the property like outdoor signage is included in this section. You can also manually input any information about additional marketing efforts.
Marketing Collateral

List of syndication channels
Here, Buildout automatically generates a list of all the places a listing is being promoted. This section also includes links to easily view the listings on each individual website.

Syndication Channels copy

Broker information
If you’d like, you can include a brief bio of the broker or brokers managing the listing. It is always a good idea to include their contact information in case the owner would like to reach out with further questions about property promotions.

Advisor Bio

Listing summary page
Here, you can sum up property efforts to date in your own words including inquiries, showings, offers and any other information you would like to cover.

Syndication Channels copy

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