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Buildout users now have access to Spacelist's Data Sharing Initiative

September 4, 2018

Guest post by Spacelist.

With great new platforms like Buildout available, it’s easier than ever to manage property marketing, but what about finding accurate and up-to-date listing data for the rest of the market? Spacelist, the leading commercial real estate listings platform in Canada, is taking a different approach to solving this problem, and we’re proud to welcome Buildout users to our Data Sharing Initiative.

As part of this program, any firm that feeds data into Spacelist is able to access active listing reports for their markets. With our Buildout integration, you can sync your listings in Buildout with Spacelist (for free), gaining exposure to thousands of prospective tenants, and also receive access to listing data – ideal for market research/analysis for your clients. We’re eliminating the hurdle normally associated with acquiring and accessing data, and emphasizing the importance of what can be done with the data.

Here’s how the integration works

  1. Create listings, awesome marketing materials, and publish properties to your website with Buildout
  2. Go to your broker profile settings, find the syndication tab, and connect to your Spacelist account
  3. Once you are connected, all on-market Canadian listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to your Spacelist account, and be live and marketed, for free
  4. You can then choose to upgrade your account to Pro for more exposure, access Qualified Leads, and many other premium features

Here’s how to access listing reports

  1. Once you have synced listings from Buildout to Spacelist, please email and request to be included in the Data Sharing Initiative
  2. You will receive a confirmation from Spacelist and your reports will be available by logging into Spacelist and going to Menu > Reports

If you have Canadian properties but aren’t a Spacelist user, create your free account at in learning more about Buildout’s marketing software, contact sales.

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