August 8, 2018

From the time you initially learn about Buildout — perhaps through a blog like this — and connect with our sales team, all the way through collaborating with our developers to ensure our software continues to meet your every need, the entire Buildout team treats you as a true partner.

Here’s an introduction to our Chicago-based team and more information about what we do to help our customers be even more successful every day:


The Buildout marketing team does more than work to teach the masses about our features. This team works to truly get to know our customers like you and create educational resources to help you be as successful as possible with Buildout.


How can Buildout help your brokerage? To find out, our sales team leads a thorough discovery process to learn more about your firm, followed by a customized demo for you to see our technology in action. If Buildout’s features are right for you, this team will get that partnership started.


When you get started with Buildout, our implementation team of project managers and business analysts helps you onboard with Buildout through trainings and weekly check-ins.


Buildout’s talented designers help you create or refresh your brand, or simply translate your existing brand into Buildout’s document designs. This team is also highly involved in improving the functionality and overall experience of Buildout’s marketing materials, ensuring you’re always working with the best product possible.


Your success is our success. That’s why we don’t just train you and send you on your way after onboarding. Our customer success team works proactively to familiarize you with our latest features and offer guidance that empowers you to do your best work with Buildout — at every phase in the customer relationship.


Every member of our support team works from our headquarters in Chicago and is ready to help you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Buildout Help Center, our team offers unlimited email support.


Our product and development teams — complete with highly-skilled UX designers, product and development managers, and world-class software engineers — work tirelessly to build new features and fix any technical issues you may report.


The finance, legal and HR teams are the backbone of Buildout. They keep everything in order and make sure our other teams are squared away to do the best work possible for you.

Does the Buildout team sound like the kind of people you want to partner with? If so, contact us. Our sales team will be in touch to find out of Buildout is the right tool for your brokerage.

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