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Buildout + Brevitas: A perfect match for brokers

March 21, 2018

Guest post by Brevitas.

With the increase of tech tools flooding the real estate industry, it can be a challenge to determine which products will help you close, and which platforms will just waste your time. At Brevitas, we know that lost time means potentially losing out on deals – which is why we’ve partnered with Buildout to help you market smarter, and close faster.

We’ve made it simple: Brokers can use Buildout to create detailed listings and dynamic marketing assets, and then push those assets onto Brevitas where your deal will be broadcast to our database of motivated buyers, and our suite of communication tools will help manage your deal from lead to close.

Market smarter. Close faster

With Buildout, brokers can centralize their property information and strengthen their brand. With a simple click of a button, property information is auto-synced to Brevitas, to help connect your listings to the right buyers. Our marketplace uses a powerful algorithm to connect brokers with a database of motivated, purchase-ready investors.

These valuable connections are supported by a collection of sales management and marketing tools. Brevitas streamlines all aspects of the sales process by allowing brokers and agents to manage leads, launch customizable email campaigns, network with qualified members, protect critical documents, and easily obtain signatures. From listing to close, Brevitas increases efficiency and ease at every step.

Here’s how the integration works

  • Create listings, awesome marketing materials, and publish properties to your website with Buildout
  • Go to your broker profile, find the syndication tab, and connect to your Brevitas account
  • Once you are connected, all on-market listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to your Brevitas dashboard as drafts
  • Once your listings are published our algorithm sends your listings to the most relevant buyers
  • You can then choose to feature your listings or send a promoted campaign to get the maximum amount of exposure

If you’re not synced with both Buildout and Brevitas, you can sign-up for Buildout here and become a member of Brevitas here.

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