Meet the new Buildout back-office feature

October 9, 2019

A deal doesn’t end after the final handshake. That’s why we created a tool to seamlessly carry a deal all the way through payments. 

When managing payments and commissions, approving vouchers, tracking revenue, and overseeing reports, a brokerage can save time and streamline deals start to finish with Buildout’s Back Office. 

Save time by centralizing payments

Brokers can send vouchers directly to accountants from their Buildout database for approval. Then, those accountants use our back-office tool to keep track of accounts received and payable, and pay brokers based on their own commission plans. Commission plans for each broker are built-in, so staff saves time calculating a broker’s cut of each deal.

Approve vouchers instantly

Instead of reviewing paper vouchers and poring over spreadsheets, staff can quickly review and approve broker vouchers digitally, getting payments in motion with one click. Because closing details are pulled directly from your listing projects in Buildout, each voucher accurately represents a deal without extra opportunities for mistakes or delays.

Track your brokerage’s revenue pipeline

Buildout is the only platform that lets brokers and brokerages track their forecasted revenue and make smarter business decisions. Our database, marketing, and back-office tools are all built on one system, so brokers can keep track of how many deals they have in motion and the likelihood and projected timing of winning a deal.

And because broker commission plans exist in the same tool as marketing, they can forecast how much money they can expect to make from active deals. Plus, back-office staff can get a high-level picture of the income they expect for the firm.

It’s time to completely integrate your brokerage’s full deal cycle. Contact us now to set up a demo with our team and see our integrated back office and other features in action.

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