September 14, 2016

When you sign on with Buildout, our goal is to position you and your team for success. Our team will work closely with yours to get you set up with customized, brand-aligned marketing materials.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss what you can expect while onboarding with Buildout and how our process is designed to help your brokerage centralize information, scale your marketing and create the assets you need for every stage of the process, from proposal to close.

1. Kickoff: Getting your brokerage started with Buildout

You’ve likely invested time and money creating a brand reputation and image that works for your brokerage. In order to bring your brand to life within Buildout, our client services specialists and designers will connect with you for a 30-minute kickoff call.

During this call, we’ll explore your firm’s unique identity so we can develop customized materials that will allow you to easily automate the creation of your most important marketing assets, including proposals, brochures, flyers and property websites. If you don’t have a brand, our team of designers will advise you in creating one. Come to your kickoff prepared to share your font files, color values, cover documents and any other stylistic preferences you have.

In addition to getting what we need to put your brand assets in place, we’ll talk about your current marketing activities and plans for using Buildout, so we can ensure your account is set up for your team’s optimal use. We’ll want to know about the sites where you’re currently promoting your property listings as well as the bulk email platform you’re using, if any.

Buildout Pro Tip: We’d recommend any members of your design and marketing team who will be using Buildout join this call.

2. Orientation: Understanding the ins and outs of Buildout

We designed Buildout to help you do the work that most bogs you down more efficiently. In fact, in our recent survey, The DNA of #CRE, 30 percent of respondents admitted to spending up to 10 hours per week on rote marketing tasks, such as creating materials and updating property information across various listing sites. In your hour-long orientation following your kickoff call, we’ll bring you one step closer to eliminating tedious tasks that hold you and your team back from achieving your big picture strategic marketing goals.

During this time, you’ll get your first look at the back-end of your customized Buildout platform. Our project managers will share the custom documents that have been created for your brokerage. We’ll also walk you through how to input and update property listings, use Buildout to more quickly post them to other websites and integrate your bulk email platform, so you can begin promoting them through your network.

Following this meeting, your team should take some time to manually input a few properties and experiment with document creation. We’ll answer your questions and address branding changes in our next check-in call.

Buildout Pro Tip: Be sure you have a reliable internet connection and download Google Chrome before your orientation meeting. You’ll also be sharing your screen, so hide anything confidential.

3. Check-in calls & status updates: optimizing your use of Buildout

Once your team is set up with Buildout and you’ve gone through your kickoff and orientation, we’re committed to your ongoing success. We’ll have weekly 30- to 60-minute check-in calls with your team as you become comfortable with the Buildout platform. Onboarding usually takes four to six weeks, but it can take longer if additional customization is needed. Come prepared to these calls with any questions that arise during your initial use of Buildout. You can also use this time to discuss any customization requests, from changes to your brand to the creation of new documents.

Buildout Pro Tip: Write down questions you have while you’re working in Buildout each day. This way, you’ll have a running list for your check-in calls.

Once onboarding is complete, our team remains committed to your success. You’ll still have access to our client service team’s expertise, and you can email us at any time at For more information on the Buildout on-boarding process, check out Buildout 101 Checklist!

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