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Brokers: where to focus your attention in 2017

January 24, 2017

Rely on the facts. Here are a few CRE property types that are growing in popularity among buyers and how you can effectively market each one:


The rise of e-commerce is changing the customer experience. In response, developers are shifting the makeup of their retail spaces to emphasize experiences you can’t get online. Retail spaces were previously occupied by 70 percent shopping and 30 percent food, entertainment and lifestyle business. The opposite makeup is now becoming the norm.

Closures of hundreds of JCPenney and Sears stores are two examples of an ongoing decline in mid-priced, big box retail. However, malls and shopping centers themselves are far from dead. ‘Class A’ malls with upscale anchors in high-income, heavily trafficked areas are succeeding.

To effectively market properties in these lifestyle-centric retail centers, emphasize retailer maps, comps and demographics. Buildout makes it easy to include this information on every piece of marketing collateral.


E-commerce is also impacting how retailers serve their customers. Thanks to the precedent set by brands like Amazon, online shoppers expect to receive their orders rapidly and with little to no shipping costs. As a result, buyers have begun to favor warehouses in close proximity to urban centers. Investors and others rank these “last mile” distribution centers as the property type most likely to be impactful in 2017.

New marketing technologies like drones and 3D video give buyers a detailed look at these properties without requiring an on-site visit. Buildout automatically creates property websites where you can host this video footage.

Walkable urban centers

Jobs in and around downtown areas have grown 44 percent in the last 20 years. Companies have realized they need to base their offices in walkable urban centers to attract a millennial workforce.

In turn, demand for properties in walkable areas continues to grow. This is true not just for offices, but also for lifestyle properties like restaurant and high-end retail spaces. Small, high price-per-square foot properties are one of the best investments in CRE today.

Buyers seeking these types of properties are likely to favor brokerages with a fresh, modern, professional brand. Buildout helps your brand align with the high-end feel these buyers envision for the future of their properties.

To learn more about how you can use commercial real estate marketing software to build your next property proposal, check out our blog: “Create proposals that win listings.”

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