Beyond the property: showcasing the character of a location

January 26, 2017

There’s more to a property than price and square footage. Showcase elements like these to entice buyers:

Walkability and location

Millennials want to live and work in walkable neighborhoods where they have easy access to amenities.

Businesses have taken notice of this trend. In fact, 83 percent of office tenants prefer walkable areas. When marketing an office or residential property, showcase restaurants, cafés, grocery stores and other destinations that contribute to walkability.

Buildout’s interactive maps make this easy. Here’s how to add them to your materials:

  • Open your proposal, flyer, OM or other collateral
  • Use the drag and drop feature to add a “retailer map” to the document
  • Hover over your map and select “edit map”
  • Click the plus and minus buttons to zoom in or out
  • Search retailers to see a list of nearby retail locations
  • Click on the retailer name you want to highlight, and their location will be pinpointed on the map
  • Click “Save Map” to finish
Retailer map
Search retailers around your property and add them to your retailer maps.

Area demographics

Location is key, but investors also care about demographics. If a buyer is interested in opening a trendy bar, a property next to a retirement community or in a neighborhood known for its popularity among young families is not ideal. Instead, the buyer will be looking for an area frequented by affluent young professionals. The demographics of a neighborhood can make or break the success of a tenant’s business, so make this information easy to access.

With Buildout, you can include demographics in all your marketing materials. Just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the “Demographics” tab on your property page
  • Select your demographic reporting area
  • Click “Regenerate data” to save your updates

The demographic information you generate will update automatically across all your collateral.

Demographics in Buildout
Navigate to the "Demographics" tab in Buildout to modify your reporting radius.

To learn more about how commercial real estate marketing tools can help you feature your maps and demographics, check out our blog: “Create flyers and brochures to better market your listing.

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